System Check
Click the following for a system check with the online platform

System Check
The following information will help if you have issues.

We recommend using Google Chrome on a Laptop or Desktop computer running either "Windows 10" or "MacOS". Please note: iPads, tablets and mobile devices are not fully supported for the full conference experience, therefore we cannot guarantee that you will be able to access the platform using one of these devices. We therefore advise only using a Laptop or Desktop computer to join the conference to ensure you have full functionality.
Make sure you are using the email address you supplied to the organiser. If you need to update your email address, please contact your organiser for the event.
When you are requested for a password: if this is the first of using the platform then you will need to create a password. Please remeber this for future use with the platform. You can request a password reset if you forget your password. The reset will be sent to the email you are logging onto the platform with.
If you can not see your event or gain access, please try clicking the circle at the top right of the screen and choosing the "Sign Out" option. This will then allow you to re-login with the correct email address.
If you have gained access to the event but are unable to turn your Camera and Microphone on, please make sure you have only 1 tab open on Google Chrome and close any programs such as "Microsoft Teams" or "Zoom".
- Once they are closed, please try a refresh of your browser window to re enable the Camera and Microphone.
If you have a red cross on either your Camera or Microphone, Right click on the button and choose reload.
Any issues with Video or Audio during the presentation Please try refreshing your browser.
Click button if using platform with a works network. Please give the link to your IT department.
Click button if using a VPN. Please give the link to your IT department.